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The Murder of Mrs.Satyavathi Venna and her grand daughter,  Saanvi Venna is a horrific crime. This crime targeting two defenseless people, one a 61 year old lady who’s visiting and a 10 month old baby is indeed heinous. Raghunandan Yandamuri, a 26 year old neighbor  belonging to the same community ( as in hailing from the same region in India) as the victims is the alleged murderer. The facts seem to be clear; he seems to have been in dire need of money and planned a kidnapping of the baby with an intention of making the parents pay. The plan went wrong and he ended up with two murders on his hand. He sits in a Pennsylvania jail.

A lot of people on the internet think he should be lynched publicly. Especially people who are from the state of Andhra Pradesh for whom this is a new experience. Crimes like Murder or Kidnaps are not an anomaly, either in AP or in the US. What is new in this case, is the crime being committed in the US by somebody belonged to the same community. Indian on Indian violence is very rare and within that the sub culture of Software consultants( of which many are from the state of AP) rarely are known for breaking the law. The initial comments on various websites were filled with enormous hate for Yandamuri — which is understandable. That is the initial reaction in all of us. Wanting to seek revenge for a senseless act that took two human lives, especially people who could have been our own mother and our own daughter. Once the initial rage has subsided it is important to take a deep breath. I was especially reminded of this article [ hat tip Instapundit ] about mob justice in Nigeria. Cultures that do not have a robust justice systems like Nigeria and India ( I am not putting them under the same degree of lawlessness, but I know there is a lot of room for improvement in both countries). People do not trust the government to deliver justice and thus take matters into their hands delivering what is known as mob justice instantly. That is where the western societies differ. People place a higher level of trust in the authority and delegate this responsibility to the justice system.

Now, since the crime is committed within the US, it is expected that the trial takes place in the US as well. So all the people who want to lynch Yandamuri, please think again. Let’s not behave like a mob and instead place our faith in the US justice system. Meanwhile, have the Venna family in your thoughts. They did nothing to deserve such a tragedy in their lives.


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